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Providing the Highest Quality of Street Repair in the Midwest


If you require professional street repair, contact the company with over three decades of solving client problems.  Boling Concrete can remove and replace broken slabs of street, improving safety and appearance.


By repairing your street, we can:

  • Improve the ease of driving

  • Prevent unsafe driving conditions

  • Restore structural integrity

  • Extend the life of your pavement

  • Improve street appearance

We offer you the highest level of customer attention, all while providing street repair at a competitive price.  Whether your project involves private or public streets, we guarantee you quality, productivity, and dependability.


picture of street after broken slab is removed

Don't take chances on hiring just any contractor.  The wrong decision can result in project delays, paving mistakes, as well as loss of valuable time and money.  Get a free consultation from Boling Concrete, call us today at (314) 772-6300 or click here to send us an email.


Why is Now the Best Time to Repair Your Street?


The longer you wait to repair a street, the higher the cost will be.  When the strength of even one slab is compromised, water can seep under the concrete.  That's when the original material under the other slabs, known as subgrade, starts to weaken.  And once that happens, it's just a matter of time before the concrete begins to crack and break apart.  By hiring us to treat your problem now, you save much more money in repairs over the long run.


If you manage a subdivision, you probably already know that broken concrete can give potential home buyers the wrong impression about a neighborhood.  Concrete streets are not only an investment in driving performance, but improving street appearance also creates a positive first impression.


Helping You to Understand Our Street Repair Process


Since it's important to know what steps are taken by the professional concrete company hired for your street repair project, here is a list of the steps we take:

  • Walk through with Trustee to mark the street slabs that need to be repaired, as well as discuss the most cost effective repair plan.

  • Provide, place, & maintain all signage & barricades for traffic control.

  • Saw cut full depth perimeter of slabs chosen for removal.

  • Contact MO1Call for all locates of underground utilities prior to removals.

  • Remove 6 pavement, as well as 4 of sub-base & replace with 4 of granular fill compacted in place.

  • Drill transverse joints on 12 centers & epoxy in 5/8 smooth epoxy coated dowel bars, 9 deep.

  • Drill longitudinal bars on 12 center, 9 deep & insert 18 long epoxy coated dowel bars.

  • Excavation will be limited to pavement removal only. Lawns adjoining pavement will not be disturbed, backfilling will be limited to a strip at the edge of curb, after the form strip has been removed.

  • White pig curing sealer is applied to the top surface immediately after the broom finish is applied.

  • All control joints are provided in new pavement & perimeter will be filled with hot paraplastic sealant.

Questions about our process?  Call (314) 772-6300 for a free consultation.




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